As outbreaks hit cruises, are deals worth risking illness?

Big ships have medical facilities and a physician on board, but services are limited and it can be overwhelming when the number of those sickened swells.

The deals being offered at the start of 2014 aren’t a reaction to the latest cruise illnesses, because the offers were there before the news broke. That’s why the cruise industry offers discounts and tries to override negative feelings by taking a chance with positive ones about saving money.


Just remember that different deal sites and different cruises lines can have very different offers.

The prices include the room, food and entertainment, but add in taxes and fees, which could run $80-130 per person, plus tips of about $12 per person per day, Rose says.

More than 20 million people in 2013 traveled on ships that are part of the Cruise Lines International Association’s fleet of more than 400.

Rose also suggests keeping an eye out for offers such as free sailing for children who share a cabin with two adults and discounts for certain groups, such as seniors, residents of certain states, members of the military and first responders.

Consumer also need to know that super-low advertised rates are usually based on double occupancy, explains Travelzoo’s Rose.

Some deals include add-ons that could help reduce some of the costs for extras. And waiting to travel at the most popular cruising times could triple a price or more. Instead, they are being driven by factors such as increased capacity in the industry and a traditional push at the beginning of the year to sell cruises in advance.

(Reuters) – With news of two big ships cutting short their journeys last week because so many passengers got sick, the idea of booking a vacation on a cruise ship might be looking risky.

The catch? The lowest prices tend to be for trips that are coming up soon, as in the next week or two. The prices of current offers are lower than usual for the industry’s so-called wave season, when cruises are heavily marketed. The opinions expressed are his own.)

What a person defines as bad is subjective, so risk is an emotional calculation, he says.

For example, if you want to head to the Bahamas from Miami for a three- or four-night cruise, you can book a double-occupancy interior room for as low as $129 per person on Norwegian Cruise Line’s Norwegian Sky. That same trip to the Bahamas starts at $519 in August.

The percentage of passengers infected by illness on a ship that has an outbreak is often 5 percent or less, according to the Centers for Disease Control.

When it comes to evaluating your chances of getting sick against your chances of having a nice, cheap vacation, does risk matter?

But getting the best of the offers takes flexibility.

(The author is a Reuters contributor. The total for that $129 Bahamas trip for a couple really starts at price closer to $550, but that same itinerary in August would total more than $1,300 a couple.

But the thought of missing out on a great deal might also make you queasy. Onboard credits, which you can spend on the ship, are common, Rose says. And a room at that rate is going to be in the least desirable location, without a window. Or you could get a four-night cruise on Carnival Cruise Lines from Long Beach, California, to Mexico also for $129.

Not really, says David Ropeik, a Harvard University instructor and an expert on the perception of risk.

Editing by Beth Pinsker and Amanda Kwan)

A member of the media wears a face mask as he holds a boom pole after Royal Caribbean’s cruise ship, Explorer of the Seas arrived back at Bayonne, New Jersey January 29, 2014.

Cruise ship outbreaks tend to get more attention because sick passengers could be stuck at sea for days before they can seek treatment on land, giving the illness an opportunity to spread and create ugly situations. You can even grab fares well under $150 per person on cruises that typically cost more than double that price.

Potential travelers need to weigh the odds they’ll get sick against the amount of money they might save now, and see what they can stomach.

By Mitch Lipka

Compared to how many people get norovirus in other circumstances, cruise ships’ rates are low. Many cruise lines, however, will offer free upgrades to passengers when there’s a lot of availability, so that an improvement can be made on a less-desirable room.

Reuters/Carlo Allegri



The prices typically do not include alcohol and shore excursions. The CDC estimates there are 19 million to 21 million cases a year in the U.S.

“The prices you see now are what you’d typically expect during the fall season,” Ryan Rose, cruise content director for the deal site, says, referring to the time of year when prices fall as hurricane season begins in the Atlantic Ocean.

What are the odds you’ll be stricken with an illness while aboard a cruise ship? So far this year, Princess Cruise Lines’ Caribbean Princess, Royal Caribbean Cruise Line’s Explorer of the Seas and Norwegian Cruise Line’s Norwegian Star have had outbreaks involving a total of 945 passengers, but the odds are quite low.

Guaranteeing a better room by paying for a higher-class cabin ahead of time could cost another $100 or more on the lowest-priced cruises. Celebrity Cruises even offered an unlimited drink deal.

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The History And Review Of The Epiphone Casino

Not good if you want to control feedback but if you know how to control that feedback, you can really get some great sounds out of it.. From what I know, the Casino started to really get noticed when members of the Beatles started using them on their recordings. This makes it definitely among my favorites for rhythm guitar. However, this is actually a fully hollow body and not a semi. One that is the regular archtop version, and two others that are basically John Lennon signature models called the John Lennon 1965 Casino and the John Lennon Revolution Casino.

I know that a lot of people get these mixed up with their semi hollow bodied cousins like the ES-335. The Epiphone Casino with the Bigsby vibrato system has been probably one of the guitars that I have that I play most often so maybe I am about to give it a kind of biased review.

I guess the first time that I ever saw an Epiphone Casino was one that I saw in a picture of John Lennon playing. There’s nothing there to stop the resonation. Then the second one was based off of mods that he made to it during his recording of the White Album. Since the guitar was shown in the movie called Revolution, this is why it was called that.

I’m not sure how I would describe the sound…how do you describe sound anyway? It has a very rich and warm sound and the body resonates very well with the vibrating of the strings. What is the most interesting about the two John Lennon modesls is that the first one was based off John’s basic Casino that he played. In fact, if you even look at the guitar’s wikipedia page you will see a picture of Paul McCartney playing a beautful one.

As far as thinline hollow body guitars, Epiphone certainly hit a home run with the Casino model.

Right now, there are actually three versions of the Epiphone Casino. Apparently, he did a number of things to it during that time like switching out the tuners, refinished the body, and removed the pickguard. I would have to say the the Gibson guitar company’s choice of using the P90 soapbar pickups would account for that.

Ever since I picked up one of these guitars on Craigslist, I have been searching for another one to add to my collection

Global Poker Masters: North American & European Nations round out 2015 contenders at Poker’s 1st World Cup

Hosted by veteran journalist and poker media personality Kara Scott The Global Poker Masters will be livestreamed globally in real-time – simulcast in 5 different languages – and broadcast on several leading digital platforms including sports media outlets, with specific broadcasters slated to be announced as the Masters moves closer. They are an accomplished group, and with a combined 1,789 cashes, 186 wins and 919 final tables between them there will be no shortage of world class competition on display. All confirmed players – whose total lifetime winnings total more than $135 million – will be at the tables together and each team will also be adding a 5th wildcard player to their ranks before competition begins to round out the event’s list of 40 competitors.

Part of the success of Global Poker Masters’ model rests in its GPI pedigree. GPI will provide live betting options tied into the competition as well, inviting bookmakers from around the world to promote and livestream Poker’s World Cup. The 8 most highly represented Nations in GPIs global rankings (consisting of over 400,000 ranked players across 95 countries, via 225,000+ qualifying events throughout 1,450+ casinos) qualify, with the best players from each nation according to national-level GPI rankings comprising each team.

Event Details: 

For press inquiries (photos, interviews, player details, and etc.) please contact: 

SOURCE Global Poker Index (GPI)

Real-time broadcast in 5 languages 

The Global Poker Masters will take place on March 21st – 22nd March 2015 – at the Hilton Portomaso in Malta (Europe).

. The goal is clear: We want to #SportifyPoker and bring this mind sport to mainstream recognition for the game’s 100+ million global fans.”

The Masters’ eight 4 player national team line-ups have been finalized. U.K.

Jack Salter

GPI #19 (National #2)

Simon Deadman

GPI #35 (National #3)

Oliver Price

GPI #39 (National #4)

Sam Trickett

GPI #99 (National #5)

Wildcard: TBD

3. The qualification process for the Masters is performance based both in determining which 8 nations are eligible, as well as determining which players are invited to represent their countries in competition. Italy

Dario Sammartino

GPI #13 (National #1)

Mustapha Kanit

GPI #37 (National #2)

Andrea Dato

GPI #54 (National #3)

Giuliano Bendinelli

GPI #144 (National #4)

Wildcard: TBD

2. France

Erwann Pecheux

GPI #58 (National #1)

Benjamin Pollack

GPI #72 (National #2)

Fabrice Soulier

GPI #147 (National #3)

Sylvain Loosli

GPI #169 (National #4)

Wildcard: TBD


The game’s most recent World Champion – 2014 WSOP Main Event winner Martin Jacobson – has weighed in positively on the Global Poker Masters as well, commenting “I’m a strong believer that promoting poker as a sport is the future of the game and having this first legitimate World Cup is gonna be very exciting.”

The full line-up of nations and players for the 2015 Global Poker Masters (Rankings as of December 31st, 2014) :  

NEW YORK, January 19, 2015 /PRNewswire/ –

GPI is putting together the framework to provide the best fan experience possible for GPM viewers too. United States

Dan Smith

GPI #2 (National #1)

Jake Schindler

GPI #7 (National #4)

Bryn Kenney

GPI #8 (National #5)

Olivier Busquet

GPI #34 (National #7)

Wildcard: TBD

The Global Poker Index (GPI), poker’s ranking authority, has officially announced dates and full event details for the first-ever Global Poker Masters (Masters) – Poker’s World Cup – taking place March 21st – 22nd at the Hilton Portomaso in Malta. “The legitimacy of GPI as a player ranking authority has given us a strong foundation to build sports-formatted events like The Masters which emphasize the enormous skill element of this game.” explains Dreyfus, adding “another important step is our commitment to eliminating the financial risk from the perspective of the players involved – taking the financial gamble out of the equation as Poker continues to evolve into a genuine sport. We’re grateful and excited to have the endorsement and support from both casual and professional players all over the world on this. I’ll definitely be cheering for #TeamUSA”.

Alexandre Dreyfus, – +356 20 60 77 77

As Global Poker Masters director Alex Dreyfus notes, “This is Poker’s first legitimate World Cup, made possible by an unbiased team and nation selection process carried out by GPI. Ukraine

Eugene Katchalov

GPI #48 (National #1)

Oleksandr Gnatenko

GPI #186 (National #2)

Oleksii Khoroshenin

GPI #253 (National #3)

Igor Yaroshevsky

GPI #270 (National #4)

Wildcard: TBD

7. Germany

Ole Schemion

GPI #1 (National #1)

Marvin Rettenmaier

GPI #22 (National #2)

George Danzer

GPI #40 (National #3)

Martin Finger

GPI #50 (National #4)

Wildcard: TBD


1. There should be no barriers – Poker is a competition, plain and simple.”

8. A yearly event, the Masters brings together 8 National teams from the best overall Poker countries to compete for the title of Poker’s World Champion Nation.

Media use disclaimer:  

Media outlets are free to use player pictures, profile information, and statistics available on and in aiding coverage of the Global Poker Masters.

For more information regarding the Global Poker Masters please visit:  

Mon Jan 19, 2015 3:14pm GMT

A Legitimate World Cup 

The 8 teams – together with their All-Star players – represent the cream of the crop in terms of Poker talent from all over the world. Canada

Amichai Barer

GPI #3 (National #1)

Sorel Mizzi

GPI #9 (National #2)

Andrew Chen

GPI #16 (National #4)

Jonathan Duhamel

GPI #27 (National #5)

Wildcard: TBD

4. Russia

Anatoly Filatov

GPI #28 (National #1)

Vladimir Troyanovskiy

GPI #49 (National #2)

Ivan Soshinikov

GPI #57 (National #3)

Vitaly Lunkin

GPI #77 (National #4)

Wildcard: TBD


The Global Poker Masters has enjoyed an enthusiastic, warm reception from around the poker world, with iconic 2003 WSOP Champion Chris Moneymaker noting that “2015 is lining up to be a really exciting year for the promotion of poker as a sport, especially with the Global Poker Masters coming up

Pat Summitt’s son steps out of sports legend’s shadow

I’ve been around a lot of coaches, and he ranks right up there in my book.”

He has piercing blue eyes, cherub-red cheeks and an endearing confidence. Not once. “The way he cares for people — that’s one of his greatest qualities.” He feels the same about her.

His mother is off limits to the media these days. quot;I#39;ve been around a lot of coaches, and he ranks right up there in my book,quot; she says. Alzheimer’s has robbed Pat Summitt of many things, but not her competitive fire. Her first national title loss, in 1981, was to Louisiana Tech. And he’s fine with that.

He stands in front of a white board, detailing the game plan.

She still golfs, swims and exercises nearly every day, but he doesn’t deny the emotional and mental toll the disease has taken on his mother.

His mother, Pat Summitt, planned to be here for her son’s debut, but can’t make it.

When Tyler took over the women’s program at Louisiana Tech, he called up his mother’s long-time assistant. He stands, arms folded. DeMoss also starred at Louisiana Tech in the 1970s and has headed programs at Florida and Kentucky.

He urges consistency and focus. The Lady Techsters were one of his mom’s most heated rivals.

There’s a clap of hands and high fives.

“Our message is dominate each possession. The two were texting so much that her parents nicknamed her phone “The Damn Pink Thing.”

The biggest lesson learned, he says, is the best coaches don’t talk about winning. She would say a couple extra cuss words in his presence to see if he’d bite. Growing up, he used to circle the Lady Vols’ games against Louisiana Tech on the calendar. Like mother, like son.

“It’s intimidating because you don’t want to talk about it, but by not talking about it, you give it power.”

But it was AnDe, he says, who “really helped me grow in my faith.”

Tyler grew up surrounded mostly by women, from the players on his mom’s teams to her coaching staff. “Trust your judgment.”

But the summer before his junior year of high school, Tyler approached his mom. “Right off the bat, we both got along really well. He calls to various players and stabs his right index finger into the air.

“Seeing what’s going on is sad, but when you look at what you can control, I think there’s a bigger purpose for all this,” he says. He downloaded brain teasers to keep her mind occupied. The two held each other and wept.

Tyler knew what he had to do: Coach his mom’s rival.

On those days when Tyler struggles with his mother’s decline, he seeks his wife’s support. His dad was there too, and still is, though Tyler’s parents divorced when he was in his teens.

Learning to dance

From deep in the bowels of Thomas Assembly Center, Tyler Summitt watches his players run warmup drills on the court. She was already 16 years into her career when he was born in 1990. “I just have the ultimate respect for my mom.”

His reliance on God only grew as Alzheimer’s began chipping away at his mother’s memory.

Tyler Summitt stands with his assistant Mickie DeMoss, who also served as his mother#39;s assistant coach for 18 seasons. He graduated cum laude from Webb, where he starred as a point guard.

The two first met in sixth grade. When he signs autographs, he includes his favorite scripture, Colossians 3:17: “And whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus.”

He would never be dropped from a team again. His mother was 43 when she received her first hug from her father; she made sure her son grew up just the opposite, constantly telling him how much she loved him.

The Lady Techsters were 12-20 last season, a far cry from their heyday. His mother now brims with pride.

When she talks with her old boss these days, DeMoss fills her in on how Tyler is doing: “You did a lot of things right with that boy.”

And he turns to his faith. He thinks about how blessed he is — and about his mother and all that she means.

“The dearest thing to Pat’s heart is her son,” she says, “and I felt like that’s a way I can somehow pay her back, and in turn help him as well.”

DeMoss tried to convince her new boss it was a different era and that he might want to be more flexible.

If it’s true basketball teaches life lessons, he must now draw upon everything she imparted.

Mom always deflects the praise. “Don’t test him, because you’ll be doing pushups the entire practice.”

“I don’t dislike the comparisons to my mom,” he says. “A loyal friend.”

His mom always boasted her only child was her greatest achievement. Her first national title victory in 1987 was over the Lady Techsters.

He grew up immersed in basketball — almost born in a prized recruit’s living room. Tyler Summitt cried in his room, a basketball underneath each arm. Their romance wouldn’t begin until their junior year of high school, when he made a rather innocuous comment.

As the young Coach Summitt embarks on his career, he says he and his mom don’t talk much about Xs and Os any more: “It’s a mother-son conversation more than a mentor-protégé conversation.”

The stress, the commitment, the time away from family. He doesn’t run from comparisons to his mother, he embraces them: a loving son wanting nothing more than to carry on her legacy.

The main person in his life now is his wife, AnDe Ragsdale Summitt.

DeMoss has a rare glimpse into history: seeing her boss grow into a legend and now witnessing the legend’s biggest protégé mature into a man.

As he entered his early teens, he grew obsessed with learning as much about the game as possible. Be an astronaut, a scientist, anything but a coach.

Tyler filled his laptop with defensive sets, offensive plays, interviews of players and coaches. Another hint that he really liked her: The Lady Vols wore Adidas.

Tyler Summitt stands with his assistant Mickie DeMoss, who also served as his mother’s assistant coach for 18 seasons. It was the start of a process, one that turned his mother into a legend and transformed sports for women everywhere.

He isn’t a yeller like his mother. He knows he will never escape being compared with her. His mom grew up steeped in the Bible in rural Tennessee; her family never missed a day of church. The hours in the film room. The Lady Techsters lead from start to finish, cruising to a 49-point victory, 85-36. He played on the male practice squad against his mom’s team his freshman year and earned his way as a walk-on for the men’s basketball team the next season.

It’s been two years since Alzheimer’s forced Pat Summitt, now 62, to retire far too soon, leaving the game with eight national titles and 1,098 victories — the most wins of any basketball coach in NCAA history.

She was drawn to him because of his ambition and his big heart. She provides “a shoulder to cry on when I’m trying to be strong for my mom.”

A shared obsession

She built a program that packed a 20,000-seat arena in Knoxville, Tennessee. “Do you know what it takes?” she asked him.

When you go from assistant coach to head coach, what happens?

How do you fight complacency once you’ve done it for 10 years?

What did you do in your first season? Would you change anything in retrospect?

He read everything he could about the disease. A win seems only natural. But DeMoss says he will fight for them on and off the court — and do what he feels is best.

Over the next 40 minutes, he never sits. It’s not your fault.

Perhaps it was meant to be. He probed other coaching legends, from UCLA’s John Wooden to Duke’s Mike Krzyzewski.

DeMoss points out another quality he shares with his mother: She, too, was in her early 20s when she became head coach.

“We had to figure out a game plan moving forward,” he recalls.

“DeMoss, he’s only 4!” Coach Summitt shouted.

Keeping a watchful eye on his team, he wonders if they’ll win tonight — and whether this could be the start of another historic chapter.

He was 20 when he accompanied her to the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota in May 2011. “He has the drive and has embraced the work ethic it will take to be successful.”

“Well, then.”

That view changed with time. She tried to instill that same love of God in her son. Twenty-one Lady Techsters have played in the WNBA. If he wanted her help, he would have to ask for it.

“OK,” she said, “now I’m going to help you if you really want me to help you.”

“He’s very stubborn like that,” DeMoss says. When she learned of her illness, she cried, knowing it would prevent her from seeing him reach many of life’s milestones.

“Would Mom have changed her standards?” he asked.

He credits his wife with bolstering his belief in God. “I just hoped, like any parent, that he would find something he loved to do.”

Tyler Summitt stands with his assistant Mickie DeMoss, who also served as his mother#39;s assistant coach for 18 seasons.

In kindergarten, when classmates wanted to be firefighters, police officers and doctors, Tyler always had the same unflinching ambition: “I want to coach basketball.”

She and Tyler have been together ever since. That’s what we’re trying to do,” he says. His mother’s resistance to his ambitions only intensified.

“Pat would always tell the kids, ‘You may think you’re stubborn, but you’ve never even met a woman as stubborn as me, so don’t test me.’

Texts and tears

The couple celebrated their first anniversary on June 1.

DeMoss is surprised how much of his mother she sees in Tyler: the way she ran things, the way she cared for players, the way she thought. On road trips, they watched church services online.

Follow CNN’s Wayne Drash on Twitter or contact him by email.

His mother’s influence on the women’s game is undeniable. She was always very kind to me and welcoming.”

Tyler’s life has built to this moment. In the male-dominated world of collegiate athletics, she fought for her players to be given equal treatment.

Most people, he says, only saw the fierce look she gave players and how hard she pushed them during games. They attended the University of Tennessee together. “Something that a boy would probably not like,” she recalls. “Aww, well, he works hard.”. The intimate dinners with her players and staff.

Now, he’s coaching the team that used to stoke her ire.

“No,” DeMoss said.

“Only God knows,” he says.

When he called earlier this year to let her know Louisiana Tech was interested in hiring him, she lit up. “Who’s next?” it says on the wall.

The decision to join Tyler Summitt at her alma mater was a no-brainer.

“Be yourself,” she tells him by phone. When she began coaching the Lady Vols, she washed the team’s uniforms, drove the team van and was relegated to second-class gyms. Let’s go.”

“When I say dedicated mother, I mean not just to me but to everybody — to her staff, to her players, to her former players, anybody in her program,” he says. “I’ve been around a lot of coaches, and he ranks right up there in my book,” she says.

AnDe was intimidated by his mother when they met, but that quickly changed. When she got angry, her head leaned back like a viper ready to bite.

“Basketball was a way for her to instill confidence in young women,” Tyler says, “a way for her to help women try to get on the same level as men.”

Soon, they were dating. He would have to work hard, if not harder, to prove things weren’t handed to him.

“I like your tennis shoes,” he told her during study hall at Knoxville’s prestigious Webb School.

In many ways, it was Tyler who helped humanize Pat Summitt. At 6 months, he sat up in his stroller and pointed down court, a much cuter expression on his face than his mom’s infamous scowl.

The team is preparing for its first match, an exhibition game against Mississippi College. Eight days later he attended his first practice. DeMoss stuck by his mother for 18 years, present for six of Tennessee’s eight national titles. Tyler Summitt values tradition and knows he’s got work to do to bring back the glory days when Louisiana Tech won three national titles in the 1980s.

“She never mellowed with her principles and the way she ran the program,” DeMoss says, “but she was more compassionate in her understanding if things were going wrong in their lives.”

He knows his mother lost her first game 40 years ago by a single point — ultimately a moot issue in a stellar career. He crawled into her bed. She answered questions for this story through a longtime family friend. quot;I#39;ve been around a lot of coaches, and he ranks right up there in my book,quot; she says. He’d quiz anyone he could about basketball:

The shoes were white Nikes with pink and green accents. He paces. “I’m very grateful to that middle school coach for cutting me,” he says. “They never talk about the championships,” he says. The away games with his mom and her Tennessee Lady Vols. She rode her players hard, told them to take the skills she gave them and smash through glass ceilings.

“I guess inside I always expected he would want to coach,” she tells CNN. His mom told him he would have to find motivation from within. He won’t “chew and chew and chew” on a player. He wanted her to know he was serious about coaching. The game won’t count in the record books, but it marks Tyler’s first time on the sidelines as head coach.

“The only thing Tyler doesn’t have, obviously, is experience,” DeMoss says. “I thought I could succeed just because of my last name and that I’d be given things in life.”

Of course, he would prefer she be here, and she would like to be here, too. “I am very proud of Tyler for following his dreams,” she says. “To all the families with Alzheimer’s, there’s nothing to be ashamed about. He’s even got her same obstinate streak.

He steps across the hardwoods. “But as far as having that innate ability to teach the game, to know how to motivate players, he has all that. When he got cut from the team, she says, it was the talk of school: “Everybody was surprised.” She didn’t know him too well back then. Awaiting him are nine players; one is just six months his junior. On road trips, she taught the youngster how to dance: “Tyler, if you’re ever gonna attract the women, you have to be a good dancer.”

Story highlights

Tyler Summitt begins his basketball head coaching career at age 24

His mother, Pat Summitt, is the winningest college basketball coach

Tyler leads Louisiana Tech women’s program, once a rival of his mom’s Lady Vols

Sidelined by Alzheimer’s, she backs her son’s career choice: “I love him unconditionally”

It drove his mom crazy. “You’ll have to start your own engine,” she said. He was a sixth grader and had just been cut from his middle school team. A son trying to forge his identity in the shadow of his mother’s legacy needed to face his first battle alone. He realized he couldn’t coast on the Summitt name. “I love him unconditionally,” she says.

That was a pivotal moment for the boy. “They talk about the relationships with players.”

He strolls down a narrow hall to the team’s locker room. Becoming a mother, DeMoss says, allowed the coach to better connect with her players.

The outcome, at least for tonight, is never really in doubt. Doctors confirmed she had mild signs of “early onset dementia, Alzheimer’s type.” In her 2013 memoir, “Sum It Up,” she said she and Tyler initially tried to “out-tough the other.” Then one day, Tyler came to her bedroom crying. “It’s Lady Techster basketball every single possession,” he says. She flashed back to those days when she and Coach Leon Barmore’s teams dominated the women’s game. He puts his hands on his hips. She stared into his eyes and saw herself, an eager young student of the game with passion, desire and a will to win.

Unconditional love

The season begins now, a new Coach Summitt taking the court.

As Louisiana Tech’s head coach, Tyler Summitt immediately instituted some of his mother’s rules: All players must sit in the first three rows of the classroom, and no one can wear baseball caps.

It helps when you have access to dozens of the greatest women to ever play the game, many of whom have gone on to coach their own teams. “What they do does not determine our energy, our intensity. Now she’s there for the birth of his career.

DeMoss played her part in helping raise Tyler, often acting as the crazy aunt. “Alright. Right?”

“Leon and I used to have some battles down there,” she told him.

Pat Summitt never let on to her boy, but quietly she seethed: “What coach in East Tennessee would cut my son?!”

They never saw her gentler side, those behind-the-scenes moments in the film room or hosting team dinners. They formed the Pat Summitt Foundation, dedicated to finding a cure for Alzheimer’s.

Mickie DeMoss was there for Tyler’s birth

Talking Horses: Thursday’s best bets plus the latest racing news | Sport

Another worry for Don Cossack fans is that Irish-trained horses are 0/28 in the Ryanair. . Other good scores: 23skidoo +5, moidadem +4.50, Crasivo +3, orso +3.

And our leader is …

All being well, Don Cossack is going to be a well-backed favourite for the Ryanair Chase but he will have a couple of statistics to overcome. If you don’t win, you can buy a copy here.

Bearly Legal 5-1

. The famous guide to winner-finding at those four days in March is now in its 16th year and more prized than ever. Non-runners count as losers. Photograph: David Davies/PA

Allez Cool 7-2

Tipping competition, day three


Bobs Lady Tamure 3-1

Thursday’s best bets, by Tony Paley

Cheltenham Festival stat of the day

Good luck!


For terms and conditions click here.

Murrayana 2-1

Today, we’d like your tips, please, for these races: 3.20 Ludlow, 3.50 Ludlow, 5.10 Taunton.

Guards Chapel 6-1

In the event of a tie at the end of the week, the winner will be the tipster who, from among those tied on the highest score, posted their tips earliest on the final day.

Apologies to all for the scores that were posted early yesterday, when we wrongly imagined Harris to have won on Tuesday. who has had Guards Chapel, Murrayana and Achimota. Seven of the ten runners-up had also won at Cheltenham, underlining the advantage of quality course form. He goes well after a break, would have completed a hat-trick but for a fall two out at Wetherby in October while being raised 9lb in the ratings for his latest success is probably not enough to stop him today.

Flemi Two Toes 4-1


The Cheltenham Festival Betting Guide is published on February 20th and available online via or by calling 01933 304776

They race on Thursday at Ludlow, above, where What A Good Night is the nap of the day. Previous course winners have outnumbered their rivals by 56-48 but that still doesn’t suggest the record of previous course winners should be as dominant as is the case. If you have not joined in so far this week, you are welcome to do so today, but you will start on -9.

72luca +6

Achimota 4-1

And post your tips or racing-related comments below.

by Paul Jones, author of the Cheltenham Festival Betting Guide published by Weatherbys

Stellarta 11-2

This week’s prize is a copy of the Weatherbys Cheltenham Festival Betting Guide, by Paul Jones. What A Good Night (3.20) has plenty in his favour at the Shropshire track. . That’s a statistical blip, of course, as there can be no possible reason why an Irish-trained horse cannot win a Grade 1 over the intermediate trip at Cheltenham, especially as they have won six of the last 13 runnings of the Melling Chase at Aintree, which was formerly THE championship event of the season run over this kind trip, and some would still view it as such. Allez Cool was in fact the winner of that race after Harris was disqualified and the scores were recalculated when we realised our error.

At Southwell, Patrick (2.10) won well on his debut and was better than the bare result last time having stumbled mid-race while at Chelmsford City, Mishaal (8.10) was only edged out of it on the line last time when trying to overcome a 6lb rise in the weights and looks to be thriving at present.

Our winners so far:

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As ever, our champion will be the tipster who returns the best profit to notional level stakes of £1 at starting price on our nominated races, of which there will be three each day up until Friday. Don Cossack is owned by the race sponsor, Michael O’Leary, and he has seen his silks twice carried into second place in his own race, by Mossbank and First Lieutenant.

No Deal 2-1

Taunton is suffering small-field jumps meeting syndrome and it’s probably best to concentrate on Ludlow of the National Hunt cards today. Firstly, nine of the ten winners had won at Cheltenham before, with only Riverside Theatre preventing a clean sweep

Kentucky Sues Online Gambling Operators

Steve Beshear gets his way, money lost by Kentucky’s online gamblers will be money found by the state of Kentucky.

Rose also noted that the attorney general of Kentucky decided not to take on the case despite the fact that Beshear’s administration asked the state attorney general to review it.

Brislin said the administration feared the online gaming industry was taking advantage of laws put in place before the Internet existed.

Brislin said other states have contacted the governor’s office.

“There is a law on the books that allows someone to recover gambling losses from illegal gaming,” Jennifer Brislin, a representative from Beshear’s office told the ABC News Law Justice Unit.

“The Internet posed a conundrum that wasn’t thought of when the laws were put on the books, the idea of a virtual casino you can go to,” Brislin said. “These groups shouldn’t be able to hide offshore and flaunt our laws.”

Conway’s office also attributed a recent 26 percent cut to their budget as one of the many reasons they are not able to take on some of the cases they are asked to review.

Beshear’s office confirmed that the law firm Hurt, Crosbie May, a Lexington, Ky., firm has been brought in to handle the matter.

The Democratic governor is using an obscure century-old law to file a lawsuit against “Pocket Kings, Ltd.,” an online betting business based in Dublin, Ireland which also operates under the name “Full Tilt Poker.”

“I think there are major weaknesses with Kentucky’s case,” Professor Nelson Rose told the ABC News. Rose runs the website “Gambling and the Law” and is a senior professor at Whittier Law School. The governor’s office said that no private citizens would recoup funds if Kentucky wins its case.

“As far as the money is concerned, any losses that would be recovered would go to the commonwealth on behalf of its citizens, so an individual would not receive those funds,” Brislin wrote in an email.

A representative from Attorney General Jack Conway’s office told ABC News that they could not comment on this filing in particular, except to say that they reviewed the case and decided not to take it on.

Some critics of the lawsuit feel that Beshear’s lawsuit is facing long odds.

She said that Kentucky felt compellled to enforce the anti-casino law because Kentuckians were losing their money to what she said was an illegal operation.

In Kentucky, gambling is not illegal, but it is illegal to run a casino.

If Kentucky Gov. “We are dealing with an ancient statute that is from when all gambling was outlawed everywhere and it comes as a little bit hypocritical for the largest racing state in the country.”

“There are those of us who believe the state is going down a false path,” Fleischaker said. “And they couldn’t even get the state attorney general to go along with it, so hired a private firm.”

“This is an issue that is a state issue, but everyone deals with,” Brislin said. “We are not sure this lawsuit can be brought by anyone besides the AG and it’s something that is being looked into.”

“The governor is running a strange campaign,” Rose said. “We have gotten many inquiries from other states asking “What was it you did? How did you do it?”. Jon Fleischaker, a Kentucky attorney who works for the gambling industry, echoed Rose’s sentiments.

The lawsuit won’t turn Kentucky into a gambler’s paradise where you get your money back even if you lose

Oddschecker Deploys Push Technology’s Real-Time Internet Engine for New Live In-Play Betting Service on

Thanks to Diffusion, Oddschecker can be certain that all their customers are receiving the same immediate, reliable online pricing.”

“At Oddschecker our overarching aim is to provide the industry’s best betting site, and to achieve this it’s essential that we deliver a first-class proposition for In-Play.

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“Our new live in-play service is all about fast, reliable and efficient online data distribution, and we’re convinced that Push Technology sets the performance standard in this critical area,” he continued. Working with Push Technology’s Diffusion enterprise messaging and Internet communication solution ensures that we can provide our customers with the latest prices at near zero latency,” commented Derren Maggs, General Manager at Oddschecker.

Push Technology Limited is the leading specialist provider of high performance enterprise messaging and Internet communications solutions. “We’re delighted that they’re now using Diffusion for their new live in-play service, and we’re looking forward to providing further support for Oddschecker as they continue to develop their price comparison service for mobile users. For more information on how the site works and its key features please visit

“Oddschecker is the market’s leading odds comparison site, and one of the key reasons for its impressive recent growth has been its strong commitment to sharing pricing data at near zero latency,” added Sean Bowen, Push Technology Ltd’s Chief Executive Officer. With an end-to-end, Diffusion-enabled data delivery service in place – with bet365, for example – we can remove some 3-4 seconds from the in-play process and deliver in-play prices in well under a second.”

Oddschecker is the foremost online betting odds comparison service giving customers direct access to the best prices from the top bookmaking brands. Oddschecker timed the launch of its new in-play service so that customers could benefit from the best in-play prices for the opening of the new Barclays Premier League season.

Oddschecker is the foremost online betting odds comparison service, supporting more than one million unique users and publishing over ½ a million markets each month. Through its Diffusion family of real-time push engine solutions, the company develops and delivers solutions that help customers unlock the power of today’s multi-channel, multimedia Internet experience.

I am trying to buy a nice used car for my teen, and have no clue on what to look for, good gas milage and i know she wont drive anything unless is it some sort of “cute” any suggestions or ideas?

Two years ago, my sister hit a deer in her ’99 Escort. The cost of the repair was $85.00 (thank you eBay). I have always fared far better in the older cars.. Even if you had the entire brake system replaced, put on four new tires, and gave it a full tune up, your total investment will be less than $4,000. The importance of aesthetics often fades, however, when compared to the freedom of having an automobile. GM models will provide even better parts availability and prices (I’m just partial to Ford). I drove around in a minivan, and later, a black pick-up truck with a green utility bed, simply because that’s what was available. My deer was much larger than hers. (As long as they NEVER allow people to ride in the bed.)

A deer I hit last year mangled my bumper a little bit. I was just happy to have something to drive.

Of course, an older car will require some careful attention to condition, and may need some repairs before handing it over to a teen. The purchase price, however, will be MUCH lower than anything five years old or newer.

I would pick an older full-size pick up truck or sedan.

My answer may be a bit unpopular, but it’s what I would do for my daughter. Repairs are cheap, most parts are easy to change and readily available. Even with a 5.0 liter V8 they still get 20mpg or more depending on how they’re driven. Pick-up trucks may not offer the same type of gas mileage, but would limit the number of passengers a teen could carry. I’m sure many arguments can be made about those safety features, I only speak from my own experience in crashes. (Much less, if you can do the work yourself).

They may not have air bags, side impact curtains, and crumple zones, but they were made of STEEL. If she want’s to drive, and she wants you to provide the car, she’ll have to drive whatever you give her.

You can find a 1991 Grand Marquis, for example, for less than $2,500. I have plenty of other examples, but in the interest of space, I belive you get the picture.

Even if you want to choose a newer car for your child, make “cuteness” the last item you look for. It was totaled, and she was injured (luckily, not badly). She really will have no say in what she gets, and cute is on the bottom of my list.

It might be a horrifying thought for a teen to have to drive around in something that isn’t “cute,” but it’s more horrifying to see what happens when “cute” gets squished.

Although, I personally avoid anti-lock brakes, anything around that vintage will have them, so if you don’t trust your teen to have the right instincts in a skid situation, that’s the way to go.

A ’90 or older Mercury Grand Marquis or Lincoln Town Car is a pretty hefty vehicle

Casino-Gaming :: How To Increase Your Chances Of Winning The Lottery

See how the odds change drastically when you buy more tickets?

Every week, you hear news that someone won the lottery. See how simple it is?

The number one thing you could do is change the game you play. The problem is that we use our emotions when buying lottery tickets. You play the lottery all the time, but it’s always someone else that wins. Say you find a state lottery game that offers odds of 15-million-to-1. So, playing as a group is the solution.

Let’s say that, as a group, you could buy 20 tickets per draw. But that’s how those lotteries get us. We see a high jackpot and that’s the game we want to play. That would be financially irresponsible. You hear hundreds of these stories every year. We just want to win a lot of money, as much as possible. Good luck and may you win a big jackpot one day!. Instead of playing the high jackpot games, play games with better odds. But you shouldn’t be buying too many tickets yourself. There are things that you could do to increase your chances of winning the lottery.

Hopefully, now you have a better sense of what you can do to increase your chances of winning the lottery. Now, instead of playing Mega millions, try choosing a game with better odds of winning, like a state lottery game. See, the more tickets you buy, the better your odds of winning. That sounds simple, right? But that could increase your chances of winning the jackpot many times over.

The next thing you could do to increase your chances of winning the lotto is to join a lottery pool. If the odds of winning the lottery are, say, 15-million-to-one, then with 20 tickets the odds decrease to 750,000-to-1. It’s never you. They make a lot of money from players like us that bet emotionally instead of with our senses.

Here’s an example – Say you’re a regular Mega Millions player. The odds of winning the Mega Millions jackpot are approximately 175-million-to-1. Just by changing to that game from Mega Millions, you will be approximately 12 times more likely to win. Why? Perhaps you’ve just been playing wrong